Friday, 5 July 2013

Sunshine and flowers.

Can it be true? According to the BBC we are heading for the warmest period since 2007, hang on, that was the year we moved onto the boat. Don't blame us, it's sheer coincidence.
The fine weather has certainly brought nature to life.

Purple Loosestrife and Meadowsweet, the scent from meadowsweet is like sticking your head in a bowl of custard, the smell of vanilla is overwhelming. It's Jill's favourite, we are told it was also Good Queen Bess' favourite.

Dog roses, you don't get more English than that.

Ugly little devil, but not a bad shot for a compact camera. Canon SX210 IS.

Tufted vetch, seems to climb over everything but has most impressive flower spikes.

I think this is Common Figwort. (All identifications from Readers Digest Field Guide to the Wild Flowers of Britain (1981).) Probably inaccurate.

Flowering rush? It's pretty anyway.

They don't usually let you get this close but he was totally unfazed by our presence. I know it's not a flower but he sort of fitted into the sequence here.

Ox eye daisies, yellow flag iris and forget-me-nots. I was really getting into the camera by now.

I have no idea on this one, I suspect it is an escapee from someone's rooftop planter.
I knew it would happen, yesterday I said there were very few cattle around here.

Today? A blooming great herd of them, all trying to shelter from the sun under the willows.

Watch this space..........

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