Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sorry, it's more prehistory.

More on the stone theme. This morning it was back up the A361 to Avebury for a quick look at the bit we missed yesterday.

The West Kennet Avenue, a processional way(?) from Avebury to another stone circle known as The Sanctuary, unfortunately nothing remains of the circle, just some modern markers.
The Avenue was originally 1.2 miles long, not much left now.

Archaeological dig taking place on the only domestic site in the whole area. They had brought their own conveniences with them,

Patsy and Edina must be branching out.
We moved on and parked just across from

the enigmatic Silbury Hill. The largest prehistoric mound in Europe. It seems to have taken about 400 years to finish. I've come across building firms like that and I bet the final cost was way above the original quote.
On top of the hill opposite is the West Kennet Long Barrow.

A chambered tomb.

In the five chambers that make up the tomb they found the remains of about thirty six people.
Someone had found a new use for the place. As we wandered in for a look we got shouted at by its present inhabitants.

They had a nest in the first chamber and did not appreciate our intrusion.

The local "pagans" had been there, probably in between sessions of stone hugging and crop circle spotting.

Crop circle made by an unambitious alien? Spotted from the top of the barrow.

We tried a spot of stone hugging.
I definitely felt something,
I had knelt on a thistle.

Watch this space.................

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