Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer is back, rain, thunder, wouldn't be surprised at a plague of locusts.

The beer fest went well, the sun shone, there were a dozen beers and three ciders and all was going well when, with no formal notice, we were hit by a sudden squall. Luckily some of us managed to grab the frame of the beer tent before it soared away. Horizontal rain and howling wind, there was nothing for it, we grabbed the beer and legged it into reception where, in true British fashion, we continued where we had left off. All in all it was a jolly good party.
Sunday was spent quietly.
Today was just a quick trip into Devizes for a bit of shopping.

Make of it what you will, I can only hope there was once a snuff mill in the area, other connotations are too nasty to consider.

I've put this in because I don't think anyone would be too impressed with a picture of Morrisons.
We've been enjoying a rousing thunderstorm for the last two hours, really looking forward to Tenerife next week.
Hopefully we are all ready, apart from the packing, I try to avoid getting roped into that. Jill is so much better at it than me and I never seem to get it right if I try to help, much better if I just offer the occasional bit of advice.

Watch this space..............

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