Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Early morning and a touch of varnish.

We are just killing time before Armadillo gets tucked up in the marina and we jet off to the sun. Typical that when we book a foreign holiday the sun comes out here and it's probably hotter here than in Tenerife.

Yesterday we came past the site of the former junction of the K&A and the Wilts. and Berks. Canal at Semington. Another active restoration project, although how they intend getting it through Swindon I'm not sure. When it finally reopens it will be a lovely rural canal, 52 miles and 42 locks, joining the Thames at Abingdon. I reckon I will have shuffled off this mortal coil long before that happens.

This is what the world looked like at 0515 today.

By 0615 it looked like this and if you are wondering what I was doing peering at the world at that time of the morning I'll give you a clue.

Just indulging in a touch of the piscatorial art. Caught a few bream and roach. At 0845 the first boat of the day passed and the pull from the locks stared to play havoc, dragging the float all over the shop, so I packed up and retired on board for brekkies.

By this time the world looked like this and the heat was starting to build.

After the morning snack I put another coat of varnish on a rather tired looking panel, definitely not one of my talents, but it doesn't look too bad if you don't look too closely. Notice the shortness of the hirsute appendages, trimmed back for coolness.
Spent the rest of the day wrestling with the complexities of booking a hotel at Gatwick and booking in on the flight, online.
What a busy day I've had.

Watch this space...........

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