Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Good nosh at The Three Magpies.

At Sells Green, this morning I finally got round to clearing out the chimney and flue pipe and giving the stove a bit of a shine. Having done that I applied the first coat of varnish on the butt joint of the fishing rod and then it started to precipitate, so I retired to the interior of the boat.  I'm currently embroiled with Moby Dick, Melville's great novel. It's about the third time I've struggled with it. It's very evocative of its time, but definitely hard work.
This evening we strolled down to The Three Pigeons Magpies for our evening repast. Excellent meal, the Faggots Supreme was a revelation, sliced faggots, liver and black pudding, I couldn't finish it, totally blown out. Jill's steak was awarded eight out of ten, a high mark from her, I've spoiled her, taken her out to the States too often.
Unusually the camera has remained unused today so, "That's all folks."

Watch this space.........


nb Chance said...

I think you mean the three magpies! A great pub always good food.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

You're not wrong, could have been the pints several I had consumed that caused my momentary lapse of brain function.