Saturday, 1 September 2012

Let's scotch a couple of misconceptions.

The first is that dragonflies are beautiful, harmless creatures that offer no threat to us. That was my belief until this morning. As we strolled up the towpath, enjoying the fresh air and a little late summer warmth, of a sudden, a large dragonfly hove into sight (Subsequently identified from the Readers Digest Field Guide to Butterflies and other insects of Britain (1984) as a Brown Aeshna.) and made a bee line for Jill, landing square on her forehead. What a photo' opportunity it would of been if the blasted thing hadn't sunk its fangs into her leaving a nasty swelling. Trust me, the next one that even looks sideways at me is in for a swift meeting with a rolled up news paper. The culprit escaped before either of us could react. So there goes myth number one.

these are not bullrushes, they are in fact reed mace. So Moses did not turn up in a patch of these.

These are bullrushes, boring as they may be, and they don't grow along the Nile so Moses wasn't found amongst these either. Probably a patch of papyrus but I'm not trying to be definitive.
Just had a thought, you don't think the dragonfly could have rabies do you?

Finally, this is a male Beautiful Demoiselle, a damsel fly. As demoiselle and damsel are both words for females do you think the poor fellow may have a complex?

Watch this space..............

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