Sunday, 23 September 2012

Amy Clare, an old friend.

Up on the summit level again. Yesterday we came through Fenny Compton "tunnel".

It doesn't look much like a tunnel now as it was opened out in 19thC. It's still very narrow in places and can lead to some quite interesting encounters with boats coming the other way. We were lucky, no one was coming toward us.

The turnover bridge towards the north end of the tunnel was installed when the roof was taken off the tunnel. It's a pity we seem to have lost the art of combining beauty with function, the adjacent modern road bridge is just a concrete slab supported on girders. Did someone mutter,"Old curmudgeon"? Well in my young day.......

Just after we had stopped for the day Amy Clare, a Kate Boat from Warwick, went past. She was our favourite boat in the long ago when we were hirers, she's knocking on a bit now but still looks as trim as ever. She has a lot to answer for, without her we may never have moved onto the boat, I did warn the current hirers of the danger.
Weather forecast for the next two days is diabolical so we are staying put, once again by the Decca mast.

Watch this space................

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