Monday, 3 September 2012

We help improve international relations.

Still plodding along the Grand Union,

the wide locks are certainly impressive, on the right, now serving as a by-wash, is the original narrow lock that was superseded in the 1930's when the government funded the widening of the Grand Union in the hope that wide beam boats would be used. As a job creation scheme it worked but the increased traffic never materialised, the locks now help the flow of leisure traffic, not the envisioned result.

Bascote Locks, a two chamber staircase. It was here that we met a Rose Boats hire boat crewed by a group of Swedish visitors, unfortunately the throttle handle had come adrift and they were having trouble moving. After raking around in the tool box we found we had the driver that was required and they soon tightened it back onto the spindle

and went on their way rejoicing, having rewarded us with a good tot of Jaegermeister. It was a bit early in the day but it would have been impolite to have refused.

Watch this space................

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Captain Ahab said...

It was great to see you again on the Saltisford Arm last week.