Friday, 31 August 2012

Pictures are back and Warwick is left behind.

Well hoo flippin' ray. Blogspot has relented and is once again recognising piccies! The witty inscription below this one would have been, "In Warwick even the ducks are demanding umbrellas", but it's all a bit irrelevant now as it's two days out of date.
Mind you, despite the Met. Office's best predictions, it is once again chucking it down. At least they got some of it right, we were allowed to make our exit from Warwick in the dry.

The Cape of Good Hope, not the southernmost point of Africa but the well known canal side pub at Warwick. It's a while since we availed ourselves of its hospitality but it was always a good night with decent ale.

Now here's a place that has a lot to answer for, Kate Boats Warwick base. this is where we frequently hired holiday boats from and those holidays persuaded us that continuous cruising was the lifestyle we wanted when we retired. So without this building there would probably be no Armadillo and therefore no blog and what would you be doing now if you couldn't read this?
Didn't use the camera much today as there didn't seem much point if we couldn't use them on here, Well we are now moored between locks nineteen and twenty and don't intend moving for a day or two, R & R after two weeks of descendants.

Watch this space.............

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