Thursday, 27 September 2012

A route from Napton to Stansted?

It's difficult to find anything to post about when all you've done is move a mile and moor in a marina.
Wigrams Turn, once a remote canal junction unknown to any but working boatmen, now a large marina, I must admit it is quite pleasant here, for a marina.

This afternoon the clouds were threatening more downpours but by this evening

the sky had cleared and we were watching a glorious sunset and even the clouds had a benevolent appearance.

The moon showed itself

and, as I had fitted the chimney and prepared the stove ready for action, the temperature went up and we have been treated to a positively balmy evening.
Tomorrow we pick the car up ready to go and collect the boy on Monday. As it's a bit of a drive from Napton to Stansted and then down to Plymouth we have booked a hotel for Sunday night at the airport to break up the journey. Having booked I looked at the hotel's web site which claimed to provide you with a route to the hotel, I entered Napton as our setting off point and pressed "Find route". After a few moments up came a route, from Napton, Arrow Rock, MO. USA. to Stansted, Essex, U.K. It gave road numbers until it hit the Pacific Coast in Washington State where the instruction reads,"Kayak across the Pacific Ocean", it takes you through Hawaii, further kayaking to China where the script changes to Chinese, onwards through Russia, instructions in Cyrillic, to, I think, Poland and across Europe to Le Tunnel and so onwards to Stansted. Eight pages of instuctions. I'm still chuckling, someone out there has a sense of humour.

Watch this space.........

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