Sunday, 9 September 2012

A handy bit of graffiti at Napton.

We've collected the mail at Napton and this morning we moved on up the locks as far as Napton Adkins Lock. we've stopped here because the nearby Holt Farm does stunning cream teas at weekends and I have promised one to Jill.
What to say about Napton, well everyone knows

the windmill perched atop the hill and

the view back down the locks with the bridge in the foreground. So I won't push my luck by putting a shot of

the herd of buffalo alongside the locks, well perhaps one.
Yesterday, knowing they were in the vicinity we wandered up the towpath and met Sue and Vic of "No Problem" fame as they came down the locks. We then enjoyed a most pleasant pint at The Folly with them.

They were off to The Blue Lias for the evening but we tried The Folly, the menu looked good but we both just fancied a steak and it was a good choice, lovely steaks, perfectly cooked (Rare) with the trimmings. Beer was good as well, Sharps Doom Bar, up from Kernow.
Ever on the lookout for old graffiti, Jill spotted this

incised in the parapet of Folly Bridge, from the growth of lichen it has been there for a while, it is full sized for a ladies hand. Who spent their time carving such an enigmatic piece of graffiti? No date, no initials, just a hand. I'm sure there was a purpose to it but we will never know what it was.

We used to call them wind hovers in Sussex when I was a child. Not a very good photo' but it's not a wonderful camera.

Watch this space.............

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