Friday, 21 September 2012

Work, the word occours in this post, even a picture of it happening. Sorry.

They are working on the M40 bridge and just north of it this splendid sign suggests that the workforce are either exceedingly damp

or are imbued with supernatural powers. We could not give a definitive answer as, when we passed, there was no sign of a workforce, just a few scattered tools. Perhaps they had sunk?

Work has started here on yet another marina. It's busy enough along this stretch already, it will be murder if they achieve capacity here and stuff another two hundred and forty nine boats in. That's without the fifty in another project below the lock. Where do they think all these boats are going to come from? Most of the marinas we pass seem to have plenty of empty spaces so will the future be a price war, followed by marinas going bust, followed by some really good fishing lakes?

Ten out of ten for ingenuity, they're doing a proper fix on it tomorrow. Today they are on the Claydon Flight.

working on the bottom gates of lock 18.

The beam was rotten right through, just softwood you see, doesn't last.
One of the ladies off of the boat that was following us came up, noticing the missing beam she exclaimed, "No paddle on that gate?" Following up with, "That's a good strong piece of wood. Looks like hard work, what's it for?"  We crept out of the top gate, gently closed it and sailed round to the moorings before collapsing with laughter. She wasn't even a blond.

Watch this space.............


Linda@ RiverThame canal boat hire said...

I guess you guys did great job with this lock and certainly it looks so strong. How long did work for it?

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

It only took the three lads working on it a day to shape and replace the beam, good going.