Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wind and weather.

It crosses my mind that even without the boy coming over for a week we would not have made it up to Lechlade, although I havn't checked I should imagine that after the last couple of days the Thames is on red boards.
We sat out the weather up on the summit, never seen so much water in the summit level. Today we have tootled along to Napton, defying the wind which was howling.

I have never been through Marston Doles without a gale blowing across, even on a fine summer day it cuts across, just as you try to make the awkward turn into the lock there is invariably a gust and today was no exception. Got half way round when "WHOOSH", just escaped the ignominy of being blown onto the bank but did leave a bit of paint on the lockside. C'est la vie.

I felt really sorry for the buffalo alongside the locks, they're from the tropics for crying out loud. I was feeling a bit chilly, imagine how they must be feeling.

What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?
You can't wash your hands in a buffalo!!

 You have to speak Sarf Lunnon to get the best from that one.
Just for a change I refused the classic shot of the windmill on the hill.

Took one of the church nestling amongst the trees on the summit instead.
Debating whether to light the fire tonight, certainly nippy enough.

Watch this space...........

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