Sunday, 2 October 2011

Florida, (Part three) The final mention.

Just a few more images from Florida and then I'll leave off and get back to the humdrum existence of an old curmudgeon and his lovely wife.

The current Blues Brothers at Universal Studios, just about my all time favourite film.

I don't think you can catch these round here, not on sweetcorn anyway.
I know it's not politically correct but we do love Seaworld,

with it's high flying dolphins and

very splashy killer whales. The trainers don't get in the pool with them anymore since one of them decided to make a snack of its trainer. Sitting in the front few rows ensures a thorough soaking, needless to say Noah and Jonah insisted that was where we sat, it doesn't take long to dry off in the heat.
At Busch Gardens Noah was delighted when he had a chance to feed the lories

even though he was not at all sure about the size of their beaks.
That was our last day and having decided on a final blow out at Mannys Chop House,( best steaks I've ever had), we got stuck in a traffic jam on I4 for four and a half hours and ended up with Burger King, as the poet said "The best laid plans of mice and men".

Final view, the cars and villa, couldn't fault either.
And that was Florida, as everybody is probably totally fed up with it now I promise there will be no further mention so

Watch this space.............

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