Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Armadillo gets her lower bits dry.

After our time in the wilderness we are now at Norbury Junction with the luxury of Wi-Fi because, while Armadillo is in dock having her nether regions re-coated we are living a sybaritic life in the holiday cottage by the boatyard.
This morning we shifted the boat from the forty eight hour moorings

and up the arm to the dry dock. The dock was originally the first lock down to the Newport branch that led to the Shrewsbury Canal, long closed but with an active restoration society, or two. Nice scheme, don't hold your breath waiting for a trip on it.
Once in the dock it didn't take long before the stop planks were in place,

the dock was being drained and the lads were manoeuvring her onto the blocks.

  From the side of the dock the blacking didn't look too bad and I was surprised how little the anodes had eroded.

Considering that they have been on there for five years they are in remarkably good nick.

So there she sits, awaiting the gentle ministrations of the power washer and the first of three coats of comastic.
As we have a hire car for the week we intend making the most of the time by exploring some of the area.

Watch this space...............

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