Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Llamas, straw and a little sunflower.

It's amazing, the things you find as you wander around the English countryside. We strolled out from Little Onn bridge yesterday, along the towpath and then up onto the lane at Rye Hill Bridge, just by the rather nice house with the gardens coming down to the cut, and in the field by the house were four llamas.

They refused to get together so I could get them all in the same photo' but one

did come over to check on who was passing, he seems to be amused by the sight of us.

Number four decided that striking a noble pose would impress us, I didn't like to disillusion him.

The lane runs alongside a disused wartime airfield, the old perimeter track is clearly visible. It is all now part of a farm which has the biggest stock of straw I have seen.

 Miles of it.
Back by the boat we spotted this growing right on the edge of the towpath.

It is definitely a sunflower but only about eighteen inches tall, I reckon someone must have emptied their parrots feed bowl and one seed survived but Jill thinks it is an escapee from a roof top flower tub. We do lead an exciting life, we worry about the provenance of a undersize sunflower. Oh dear.

Watch this space.............

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