Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Wrekin and a Bear.

As you go down the A518 towards Telford you come across these on one of the roundabouts, it has to be the most extreme road safety initiative ever, my driving improved 100% until I was out of range.
We passed them yesterday on our way to The Wrekin, we thought a gentle stroll up the hill would be a pleasant way to pass an hour or two. Wrong, it was a mind boggling trek up what felt like a vertical mountain.

View from the top with remains of iron age roundhouse in the foreground.

A rather windswept Jill by the triangulation point on top, I was collapsed, gasping for breath like a stranded haddock. By the time we got back down I don't think either of us had a leg joint that wasn't screaming. One of the problems with living on the cut is that walking up hill is a rarity, climbing up The Wrekin was a bad mistake. Make a note, must get fat fit.
Today we went to the R.A.F. museum at Cosforth, unfortunately the warplanes hanger was shut but it was interesting, they had a model of an old friend,

a Tupolev Tu-95 Bear,  when I was in the R.N. everytime we went up the North Sea or round the north of Scotland one of these would turn up as escort, we were actually rather fond of them, made us feel needed.
Merlin just starting on the telly so that's all for now.

Watch this space...........

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