Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Nantwich and back.

Yesterday we zoomed down to Nantwich, just to top up the larder.

This is a view at Hack Green locks, looking back at the secret nuclear bunker, nature seems to be highlighting it but let's stick with the secret illusion.

View of the River Weaver in the park at Nantwich, just to prove we went there.
This morning we set off early down to the sanitary station for water and a pump out with our d.i.y. poo pump. It's been a good investment, we're now in profit, having saved more in the cost of pump outs than we payed for the pump. This morning though it decided to develop an air lock which led to a rather smelly interlude, enough said.
We then winded and headed back up to Coole Pilate and found a rather different scene from the weekend,

Not a boat in sight.
One of the purchases we made at Nantwich was some new Kilner jars for the production of our favourite Sloe Gin, our old jars had suffered a sad demise, presumably from a less than gentle connection with a mooring/lock wall/bridge hole; anyway they were in bits in the back of the wardrobe. Luckily we found some new ones and

our first batch of sloes are now steeping in the finest gin. Alright it's actually Morrisons Value Mothers Ruin but the end product is just as good.

By dusk we had been joined by another couple of boats and a half moon was playing hide and seek with the clouds.

Watch this space............

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