Sunday, 23 October 2011

Weather forecasts and art criticism.

Out of the clutches of Norbury Wharf at last. That is very unkind as they have been brilliant, we now have six domestic batteries, a new fridge and a beautifully blacked bottom, not to mention the fact that I can now remove the batteries without dismantling the entire back end of the boat!
We have decided to spend the winter around here for a change as, according to Waterscape, there are no stoppages booked for the Shroppie this winter although looking at some of the long range weather forecasts nature could be providing her own stoppages, ice, snow and probably a plague of locusts to round it off. The best comment I saw on any of the weather websites was along the lines of "This is Britain, we'll get what we get and anyone who tries to forecast more than a day ahead is just dreaming".
We're having a quiet few days out in the wilds,

The countryside along the Shroppie is pure England at its best. Until we moved onto the boat, as far as I knew, Staffordshire was completely covered in potteries and all I knew about Shropshire was that the correct abbreviation was Salop. Now it feels like home and I love it.

An abundance of berries this year, is this a sign of a hard winter? Probably as reliable as some of the forecasts. They won't last long, the redwings and fieldfares have arrived and are already tucking in. We now have our share of the autumn harvest, two and a half litres of gin are now warmly wrapped around sloes and turning that lovely shade of purple, it'll be ready for Christmas.
I suppose that will be the next thing, Christmas shopping, oh joy. Rather foolishly I mentioned that we could do a trip to Chester, it was immediately jumped on as a good scheme so it looks like we'll be heading back that way soon.

Place to be!
And finally, rural Staffordshire's answer to the Turner Prize.

Welded to a farm gate, it has more artistic integrity than a lot of modern sculpture. (I got that phrase from the Weekend Telegraph arts supplement. Plagiarism? what's that then?)

Watch this space...............

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