Thursday, 13 October 2011

Blists Hill and the most amazing fire extinguisher ever.

This morning we had a quick look at Armadillo with her nice clean bottom.

Looks like a bad case of measles but there is no pitting at all, pleased with that. Closer inspection though showed that

the anodes were well past their sell by date. No wonder boatyard owners all drive big cars.
After getting in everybody's way we trundled off for a day at Blists Hill Victorian Village, part of the Ironbridge Gorge museum complex.

The remains of the 19thC. blast furnaces are the centrepiece around which they have recreated a complete village

with all the shops and work shops that were there in Victorian times.

If you went through the dry dock at Norbury Junction, followed the  derelict canal past Newport and carried on down the old tub boat canal this is where you would end up, next to Blist Hill Mine.

Of all the exhibits this was definitely my favourite, do you reckon it would be acceptable for the B.S.C?

Finally, don't you just love steam? It has a sound and a smell that is all its own.
Tomorrow we'll have to find somewhere else to visit.

Watch this space.............

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