Thursday, 6 October 2011

It's all a bit draughty.

As we are now making for Norbury Junction for our bottom blacking we thought it was necessary to keep moving. Yesterday we set off in what seemed to be a howling gale, probably only a stiff breeze but one has to dramatise these events, aiming for Adderley. This meant we had to climb the fifteen locks at Audlem, luckily we were sheltered from the worst of the wind on the way up and there were plenty of boats coming down which meant we just had to nip out of one lock and into the next with a quick wave to the steerer on the boat we were crossing. Mind you one time share and one hire boat seemed intent on proving you can't get a boat into a lock sideways. All was well until we came out of the top lock when the wind caught us and pinned us to the towpath, we managed to get free and battled our way down to the Adderley moorings.

This is a buzzard being mobbed by rooks just over the moorings, why the buzzard doesn't turn round and give them a swift look at his talons I don't know but they always run away, perhaps rooks don't taste that good.
Today we moved on to Market Drayton and again it was a tad draughty. Right now not only is it blowing but it is chucking it down as well.
Tomorrow it's up Tyrley locks and then it's a 3G desert, no signal, and then into the dry dock at Norbury so it may be a day or two before I can put out another post.

Watch this space.

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