Friday, 30 September 2011

Coole Pilate, Hankelow Mill and Moss Hall.

Coole Pilate is o.k. but one does need a spot of exercise so after perusing a pamphlet entitled Audlem Walks we set off to explore a bit of rural Cheshire. A trudge along the towpath to Bennetts Bridge(Bridge 80) and we then set off across country to Hankelow Mill

which sits in a little dell with the old mill building

 alongside the stream and the old mill pond,

now covered in duckweed but still with some of the water control sluices regulating the flow of water under the mill

and into the large pond in the glorious garden

behind the old buildings. I love the fact that we can stand and enjoy the glory of this garden and I don't have to worry about the weeding.

Next to the mill is the old granary with the millers house up on the hill overlooking the whole scene. An absolute gem, I could almost feel jealous but not quite, I prefer the boat, I'll be somewhere else next week.

Up and over the hill and down to a little bridge and then up the other side of the valley

through a maize field. This isn't sweetcorn, trust me, you wouldn't want to try cooking this on the cob.
We then walked back to the edge of Audlem, cut through a footpath and came out by Moss Hall,

a wonderful early seventeenth century timber framed house.
By the time we had walked back up the cut to Coole Pilate I was feeling a bit part worn, must get more exercise, carrying far too much weight, time to cut down on something, starting tomorrow.
England v. Scotland tomorrow morning, should be a good match. Jill says 0800 is too early to start on the beer, look this is World Cup rugby, better get the ale in the fridge. Come on England!!!

Watch this space............

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