Friday, 29 April 2011

THE WEDDING, we watched it at Adderley.

Make me a liar then, having said no signal at Adderley what do we find? Big fat signal, can this be my new lead? Or has T-mobile set up a new mast? Who knows.

Needless to say I only took a couple of photties, not expecting to need them, but here's one of a working boat coming up Adderley.
We had a good transit down until the second to bottom lock when a hire boat coming up started emptying the lock as we were about to come out from the lock above, as there was already a boat in the pound we had to exit the lock and were at the mercy of the by-wash and the wind. They seemed confused when I queried their use of the locks. I am a very tolerant bloke but one thing that winds me up is someone taking my lock! As they crossed the pound the by-wash shoved 'em up the bank so I sniggered in a most unpleasant manner.

Grimsby at the bottom of the locks.
Today was THE wedding. Alright, I'm an unrepentant royalist and we both thoroughly enjoyed the whole shebang. Say what you like about us as a nation but no other could have put on a show like that, all that pomp and show yet it still felt like a family event.
In true naval tradition we then spliced the mainbrace, the toast was "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, God bless them."
I have heard that shares in Moss Bros. and Kleenex have rocketed.

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Alf said...

From yesterdays blog, you may like this site, - it's the new site of Blossom who recently sold ex FMC Minnow.