Saturday, 2 April 2011

An old leat on a bridge.

We had Thursday night at The Navigation, it was open mic. night, usual mix varying from the mediocre to the spot on. I thought Dave the Duck and his mate on slide guitar playing good old rock n' roll were the best, but as Dave is a mate and I like rock n' roll there may be a touch of prejudice there.
Yesterday we moved on to, go on guess, you are correct, The Anchor. Quite a busy night but none of the usual musicians were in so we sat around and put the world to rights with special reference to rural bus services or more specifically the lack of them.
I think the decision, at Bristol Crown Court, upholding B.W.'s interpretation of the rules governing continuous cruisers and the definition of "Bona fide navigation" is going to ruffle a few feathers in the coming weeks. I await the fallout from it with some interest.

If you've ever wondered why Double Culvert Bridge over Grubb Street Cutting is so called here is the answer, it is actually an aqueduct carrying a covered leat over the canal, it appears to have been a while since it carried any water. If you cross the bridge, in the fields opposite you come across

the remains of the sluice that once fed it from a small stream, the stream still runs off to the right but all the old paddles are long gone. We followed the leat to its outfall, it just goes into Loynton Moss, perhaps an old attempt to prevent the moss drying out?

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