Monday, 25 April 2011

Grandsprogs take over.

The boat seems very quiet now, the family departed this morning, back to Plymouth. Olive kindly let us leave the car in her car park and as we only had a couple of days we just went down to Market Drayton and back.

But first a little refreshment in the garden.

Next morning we set off, amazingly the children love wearing their life jackets, I suppose it's just something different.

As we got into Woodseaves cutting we could see, up ahead, a small cruiser that seemed to be behaving somewhat erratically and as we came closer it was obvious that it was being bow hauled. Now if you have ever seen the towpath at Woodseaves you will know that of all places you can bow haul a boat Woodseaves is the last you would choose, the towpath consisting of a mile of wet mud. Being a perfect gent I was going to offer them a tow but because of traffic coming towards us I was never able to get within hailing distance. We eventually caught up at Tyrley moorings, it seems their engine had started overheating in the cutting and they had no option but to get ashore and haul, they and their dog were slathered in mud and well weary. Not a place I would want to breakdown.

On the towpath at M.D. soap bubbles were the order of the day, until Elliot shook the bottle and reduced the contents to foam.

Back on board Elliot settled for a biscuit while Esme

had a bad hair day.

Warning, don't try this at home. Tyrley locks, again.

Back at The Anchor we did a little fishing, we did catch five roach, much to Esme's delight but then it was dinner and an early night. Amazing how tiring small children can be.
I know that this post has been pure self indulgence but it's my blog so there!

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