Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Vernacular architecture, deranged broccoli and some more working boats.

Hopefully this will be our last day around Market Drayton for a while although it does boast some splendid buildings.

This one somehow makes you feel less than welcome as you walk up from the canal, but it does improve.

These are both in Shropshire Street and show that it was a very prosperous town in the late 18th. century.

But these three are my favourites, not a good angle but they are superb, I could admire them for hours, with the birds singing while the bumble bees bombinate amongst the wisteria flowers, mind you the traffic on the main road does detract a bit but you can't have everything
The market was in full swing, however I was a little concerned

by the mental state of the broccoli, or possibly the stall holder.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch cut, the ex working boats were still coming through.

G.U.C.C.Co town class?

Ex Cowburn and Cowpar Starling, she normally resides at the old Cadbury wharf at Knighton so she was close to home.
Tomorrow we are moving down to Adderley for the weekend and if memory serves me aright there is no signal down there. Mind you we will have a "Do not disturb" sign on the boat as we watch the final of the snooker so blogging must take a back seat and no corybantic excesses like our time at The Anchor.

Watch this space...........

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