Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Traffic at Tyrley.

Dieseled up at Norbury and now on our way north, all family visits behind us for a while. Snooker on the telly though, so all moorings must have a clear shot at the satellite.
Once again we came down Tyrley locks, the descent made much more interesting by the boats heading south after the Easter gathering at Ellesmere Port.

I must apologise as I didn't note the names of the boats, I was rather involved trying not to get in their way, but here comes the first, out of the top lock.

Just below the lock I had to dodge the next one, they don't take prisoners and they told Jill they had to be in London by Friday, I'm not sure but could they be taking the bride to church? That'll fool the disruptive elements!

They hustled us through the second lock where another waited for us amateurs to clear the way. Perhaps some roses and castles might get us a bit more respect, but personally I find them a bit pretentious when painted on a modern boat, not to mention twee.
After this we were thankful to find no more on the flight and we could appreciate the arboreal charm

 of the bottom two locks, a couple of weeks ago the trees were bare, now look at them, complete with swathes of bluebells, which didn't show up on the photo's.
We managed to sneak in on the moorings at M.D. just as another old working boat came through the bridge.

So it was out satellite dish, tune to snooker and put the feet up. I suspect that tomorrow will see many more boats coming through.

Watch this space.........

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