Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Only a few photo's and a cry for help.

Back at Market Drayton, the new gnashers needed a bit of adjustment so there was not a lot worth recording. We're starting to feel as though we are nailed to this bit of the Shroppie but, after another family visit this weekend, we will escape.

The road goes ever on, how English is that? High Offley (Again). Well I can't help it if I've found my spiritual home at The Anchor.

I think this is a comma butterfly, but as I'm no entomologist I won't swear to it.

This was an orange tip, except that he waited until I'd got the focus perfect and as I pressed the button, zoom and he'd gone. My photography is right up there with my entomology.

The vicar has a new mowing machine to keep the chuchyard tidy

while these two were keeping a low profile.

I just had to add this one Jill's best ever shot of a heron.

At last I've managed to make the template designer work, or more likely it has started working of its own accord, so I've changed the appearance of the blog but now Blogger, in its wisdom, has decided that I'm not allowed to leave comments on other blogs and as usual their help page is about as much use as a glass eye. Anyone out there got any ideas? If you have and can post a comment, give us a clue, but please in plain English.


Anonymous said...

I have had the same problem with using my Google account and the comment side of things just not working - just now and then it works on a few blogs. So interested to here any ideas of whats going on.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Exactly the same symptoms, cannot get the "post as" drop down to work. Is it me?