Saturday, 9 April 2011

Isn't the weather lovely?

Next dentist appointment Monday, 1430, filling, oh dear. So we are staying put for the weekend. We walked up into town this morning for a bit of shopping,

There was a whole hedge like this, quince flowers, the lady who owned it didn't know you can make absolutely glorious jam/jelly from the fruit, she just lets it drop off and rot, makes you want to weep.

As pictures of Morrisons would be pretty boring I thought I would just slip in a few piccies of spring. Like this magnolia,

a birch just coming into leaf, so elegant, even in suburban surroundings.

Forsythia, wonderful yellow flowers.
I used to work in a garden centre, problems with your cabbages? I'm your man.

Duck and daffodils, Jill couldn't resist taking this one.

I wish I understood computers and/or the internet. I managed to put a background on the blog, they brought out the new template designer, it won't even load on my computer, guess I'm stuck with the old background for ever. Mind you I am an entirely self taught computer numpty so I can't really blame anyone else, well I can and frequently do but it does me no good.

Market Drayton parish church, it looks to have been over restored by the Victorians so the only bit of graffiti I could find

was W.P. from 1889, no depth or quality.
Family visit next week, they are going to camp at Goldstone Wharf, well, with the best will in the world, we can't fit another six people on Armadillo.
 It looks like we may be gaining a new crew member as well.

Watch this space........

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