Sunday, 3 April 2011

Perambulating around High Offley.

Well we had two good nights at The Anchor and today it was back to Market Drayton. Now it is time to gird the loins ready for the dentist tomorrow.
Yesterday morning, in need of a little exercise, we set off on a walk around the local lanes. Up the hill to the church,

 as usual, locked but worth the walk for the views from the churchyard,

on a clear day you can see for miles, hmm, cue for a song?
The local insects were keeping busy,

 I thought it was a bee when I took the photo' but I think now that it's a fly of some sort.

The blackthorn is just starting to come into flower, in the next week or so the hedgerows will be looking as though it has snowed.

 He was walking across a field, local ramblers club seems to have some odd members.
We finished the walk along the towpath, past the permanent moorings,

I think it's amazing what they can do with transplant surgery, but naming your boat after it?

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