Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Noah Strikes Back.

Yesterday was Kilby Bridge to Smeeton Aquaduct and a totally rural mooring. As far as the boys were concerned

Saddington Tunnel was the highlight of the day, they are sure they saw a bat in there. After mooring it was out fishing gear and off we went, result,

Noah, two roach.
Grampy and Jonah tied on nothing each so over the weekend Jonah caught the most but Noah caught the heaviest so I declare it a draw with Grampy nowhere.
Today was on to the mayhem that is Foxton Locks and eventually a mooring on the Market Harborough Arm.Cairstine arrived to collect her offspring and after a stroll up the locks we lunched in the Navigation, most pleasant,

especially as Cairstine paid.
Tomorrow an exploration of the boat lift looks to be in order.

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