Monday, 23 August 2010

Loughborough, day 2

After the rain last night it rained most of the day today, topped up at Tescos, ten minutes from the Albion, so are Sainsburys, just so I don't get accused of bias. The latest buzz down the towpath is that the river is coming up and we will be stuck here but the E.A. website says that the levels are normal, who to believe? Anyway, up at the wharf, unnoticed by Nicholsons, there is a complete sanitary station, water, rubbish, elsan etc. The wharf is quite high but shouldn't be a problem, they've even provided ladders, whether they will line up with a boat is a moot point.
A walk into town proved that every town in Britain is exactly the same, same shops, same sad malls, Land of Hope and Glory? Mind you, the Swan in the Rushes is well worth a visit, another real pub, can't remember how many real ales but the Castle Rock Skylark was superb.
Overall Loughborough does not impress but does have at least two good pubs, so not bad.
Move on tomorrow? Depends on the weather I guess.

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