Thursday, 12 August 2010


Well it was good to see Chris and Debbie on The Meaning of Ubique at Tixall yesterday, if only while they winded, from their blog they seem to have had an interesting year so far.
Made it to Rugeley through the rain and no, they don't have a camera shop so I will have to fall back on my literary skills then, oh well.
Currently chucking it down, don't fancy a day here tomorrow so hoping it will improve by the morning, if not I guess we'll get wet, can't complain though, well I could but no one would listen so I'll just carry on, this boating life is so tough at times!!
At least the Morrisons here is right next to the cut, not too far to carry the food, theoretically dieting at the moment, how many calories in a class of Merlot? Can't be many.

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