Saturday, 28 August 2010


Approaching Leicester this over inflated bouncy castle comes into view actually it is the National Space Centre and I shouldn't be rude about it as I have never visited it, but it still looks like the Michelin man writ large.
Once you get into Leicester,

and it is not an unpleasant approach, there is much to see. The indoor market is amazing, claimed to be the largest in Europe, but the Corn Exchange

is now a Wetherspoons, but then what isn't?

The Cathedral is next door to

the Guildhall, Jill, Noah and Jonah fail to pose properly, amateurs.

Inside the Guildhall is quite impressive

and the striking clock in the courtyard is rather twee.

Castle House

and what appears to be the last bit of the old castle walls, just up from the pontoon mooring at Castle Park Gardens. At the moment there are four boats on the pontoon and another two breasted up to them, quite snug really. Tomorrow there is a fete, or something of that ilk, in the park so we all have to be gone by 0900 as they want the pontoon for boat trips, oh well.
Oh, and so far we have not been subject to any form of criminal abuse.

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cairstine said...

What cute children. They must have great parents. X