Friday, 6 August 2010

Return to Penkridge.

Well we had a meal at the Fox and Anchor and it was superb, not too expensive either, recommended.
A gentle cruise down to Penkridge.

This is obviously an old boundary stone but I wonder what bounds it marks.

and who was Long Moll?
Today we did a bit of shopping and decided to have lunch at the famous Cross Keys, only keg beer and when we asked the possibility of lunch the staff appeared to lose all interest so we adjourned to the Boat, a good pint of Bombardier and a steak sarnie, spot on. Cross Keys? 3 out of 10.
Also found the local fishing tackle shop, good grief, so much kit I don't know what most of it does, or doesn't do. I get the impression that most of it is designed to catch more anglers than fish.

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