Friday, 27 August 2010

The flood recedes.

Well the grandsons were delivered to us today, still at Hope and Anchor but the levels are dropping quite nicely so tomorrow we intend moving down to Castle Park in Leicester and having a look at the city and seeing if all the horror stories are true, hoping that like most of the "Oh you can't moor there you will get ..............."(Space to fit whichever violent crime springs to mind) the alleged dangers rely more on a heated imagination than on reality. In the past we have even been told it's not safe to moor in Gas Street, oh well, I suppose if the rumours persist it means less trouble finding a mooring. Kids now tucked up in OUR bed and we are relegated to the dinette, damn silly idea, in my young day we..................


Chris & Debbie said...

Hi Graham,

We moored at the Castle moorings overnight on the way to the Trent.
They are not very large, about enough room for three boats unless you breast up, there are pictures of boats three deep in the publicity blurb.
Anyway they are locked and fenced in, even the grounds are locked at night with one gate operated by the BW key.
As there are no students there at the moment you should get a quiet night.

Regards Chris.

Anonymous said...

I did tell you to put them on the dinette. X