Sunday, 29 August 2010

Leicester farewell and a mighty fish.

On our way by 0800. In company with Mike and Chris on narrowboat Isis we crept through the southern environs of Leicester, escaping without having been robbed, beaten or ravished what a let down!

South of Aylestone Mill Lock the river narrowed and started to wind, the foliage closed in until I started to think I had taken a wrong turning and was heading up some long lost tributary to who knows where, but at last Kings Lock hove into view and we emerged unscathed.
Above Bush Lock the local humorists had slipped the mooring lines of a widebeam B.W. dredger and tug which had drifted diagonally across the cut. With a little careful towing by Isis and a lot of poleing, rope hauling and immoderate language we got them secured and we could get the boats past, needless to say it chose that time to chuck it down, such fun. Jill now has a large bruise and lump on her forehead thanks to some careless pole waving by myself, popularity rating currently zero.
Now at Kilby Bridge, at last the boys got some fishing: Jonah four gudgeon, Grampy one roach and two gudgeon and poor old Noah one gudgeon.

Jonah proudly displays the first fish of the day.

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cairstine said...

What a cutie