Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Foxton Locks. A perambulation.

We had our stroll around Foxton Locks this morning.

The bottom of the locks before the rush starts, once the queue builds up it can get quite hairy.

Not many places where there are still side ponds that actually work, BW's attitude seems to be that they are far to complicated for such simple people as boaters, well I can see their point.

Locks, side ponds, which paddle is it next?

Was it red before white, or t'other way round? I suppose we'll find out when we attempt it, but not until after Market Harborough.

Things warming up nicely at the bottom of the locks,

and if you want gongoozlers.

The inclined plane with a goodly bit of Leicestershire in the background.

More of the boat lift, it would be nice to think it would be restored one day, here's hoping.

And here is a little gnome with his newly refurbished split cane Avon rod, well done Steve, it's top notch. If anyone is interested, I never had a bite all afternoon.

1 comment:

Adam said...

"Red before white and you'll be alright. White before red and you'll wish you were dead".

And don't forget that the rule applies at the passing place half way up, even though the red and white are on opposite sides of the pound.