Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Loughborough to Hope and Anchor.

What a day, we set off in a strong breeze and by the time we cleared Loughborough it had become a howling gale with the occasional burst of horizontal rain. At Pillings Flood Lock they had shut the gates even though the level indicator was well in the green, by Sileby the levels were bordering on the red and we were really butting against the stream, above Sileby Lock they had just pulled a hire boat off the weir, most reassuring. Undeterred by others misfortunes we pushed on and eventually we made it to the Hope and Anchor where we are currently moored, tomorrows weather forecast looks diabolical so here we stay until the river settles back to something near normal. The E.A. now have a river levels page on their website, if your river travelling it's worth a look.

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