Monday, 20 May 2013

Windsor to Marlow, passing Bavin's Gulls.

We set of just in time to be at Boveney Lock as the lockie came on duty and were soon through and on our way.

Not far above the lock we passed this charming little church, St. Mary Magdelene, and that is all I know about it. Mental note to Google it when I get time.

St. Michael's church at Bray was once the benefice of a vicar notorious for his weathervane ability to change his beliefs and politics to ensure that he retained the living, immortalised in the satirical/folk song.

"And this be law, that I'll maintain until my dying day sir,
That whatsoever king may reign, still I'll be the Vicar of Bray sir."

So goes the chorus.

At Maidenhead the river is dominated by Brunel's railway bridge, the brick arches of which are the widest and flattest in the world, each arch having a span of 128 feet and a rise of only 24 feet. It was built to carry the old Great Western broad gauge and still carries the Bristol to London main line to this day.
Once through Boulter's Lock you are into the Cliveden Reach,

Considered by many to be the most beautiful stretch of the river.

It is dominated by Cliveden House, made notorious in the 1960's by the cavortings of a government minister and a lady of negotiable affection.
As we passed the oddly named Bavin's Gulls Jill managed to get a decent picture of

a pair of Egyptian Geese with five goslings. We've been surprised by the number of these geese we've seen lately. Lot's of Mandarin Ducks as well, they are obviously becoming a well established breeding population.
We made it as far as Marlow today and are moored just below the lock.
Henley tomorrow?

Watch this space.........


Leo No2 said...

St Mary's Church. Was the church used by the watermen of the Thames. It belongs to the friends of friendless Churches. I went to an Easter Sunday morning service there a coups,e of years ago when Easter Sunday fell on St George's day.

Information is here (

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Thanks for the info. I will check it out. Shame there is nowhere to moor close by.