Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Today is Jill's birthday.

Approaching Henley.
That's all for today as it's Jill's birthday, (She will always be twenty one to me.) and I've got to shake the creases out of my posh frock 'cause we're going out for dinner at the best restaurant in Henley. My wallet's cringing already but she's worth every penny.

Watch this space.........


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jill.

Will it be a McBirthday meal?


eeyore said...

Have a wonderful evening. Wish Jill a happy one from me.

Aside: What is the posh restaurant in Henley? I know the "Hand of Flowers in Marlow" ( Michelin * * chef Tom Kerridge) but I don't know a posh one in Henley. Do review it on your blog.