Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ephemeridae and H.S.T.'s

What a wet Tuesday it was, at least the local flora is bursting into fecund life.
Today was another short hop,

after Oxlease swing bridge it's amazing we went any further, it took both of us to shift it and even with all our weight we couldn't close it totally. Much as I like the K&A, nobody could call this end of it user friendly.
For the last few days we have been in the middle of a major mayfly hatch,

these are a couple who crawled onto the boat after we moored. It is amazing to watch the birds swooping on them for a nice high protein meal, not only the swifts and swallows but even the local sparrows are fluttering over the water in attempts to snatch a decent mouthful.
More rain forecast for tomorrow, how unusual. May stay here at Thatcham for the day, even though the moorings are rather close to the station

and the neighbours are a bit noisy.

Watch this space..........

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