Thursday, 16 May 2013

Out of the Wey.

We had intended heading back onto the Thames two days ago but with the wind and rain we decided we rather liked Pyrford Marina and so we battened down the hatches and stayed put. Anyone heading for the Wey? I can say that Pyrford is good if you want a couple of days off line, plus they sell diesel at your own declared split, top notch.
This morning dawned bright and fair and so off we set.

Now this caught us by surprise, M.S.C. tug Frodsham. I know it's only a replica, just looks odd in leafy Surrey.

Jill was happily getting stuck into our last few Wey locks. We recently talked to a Wey boater, not long ago he had been down the G.U. and he couldn't believe how tough the locks were. And we were worried about these locks!

Pictures included for aaahh! factor. Egyptian geese with goslings and the first cygnets we've seen this year. Perhaps a hint that we may get some warmth sometime?
At Weybridge town lock it is impossible to see what lies ahead as you emerge through the road bridge but Jill was shouting down from the bridge about something, I just couldn't hear her for the road traffic. As I emerged from the hole in the wall that is the bridge all became clear.

Right across the river was a dredger and I needed to get all the way around it to the bit of grass on the right to collect my dear lady. The bit of the dredger you can see is only about a third of the actual length. It certainly made life interesting for a while. It might have been a good idea to put a sign above the bridge to give us a clue about what was occouring.

We made it down to Thames lock, returned our special windlasses to the lockie who then worked us through and Jill took this picture of the Wey out as we emerged onto the Thames. Must try to think of a pun on Kennet and Avon, could be a bit of a challenge.

So it's back on wide waters.

Watch this space..............

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