Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lots of steam at Windsor.

You never know how a day will turn out.
Yesterday morning we set off from Shepperton and were soon passing Chertsey

with its elegant 18thC. bridge.

At Laleham it is obvious that wooden boats are still a power on the river, so much prettier than white plastic.

Once upon a time it was just called Staines but now we must refer to it as Staines upon Thames, whatever you call it, it does have a dead posh town hall right by the river.
Not long after passing Staines we espied nb Chance heading downstream with the current behind her, just time to shout a quick "Hello" and they were past and gone. Good to meet you!!

Only in the Home Counties would you find a Mock Tudor pumping station, this one is just above Bell Weir Lock.

The ex Salters steamer Nuneham, built in 1898 by Edwin Clarke and Co. at Brimscombe on the Thames and Severn Canal. Now totally restored and available for charter, the boat that is, not the canal.. We passed her just above Runnymede.

Honey Pot Cottage is just below Old Windsor Lock, for many years this quaint thatched cottage was the home of the comedienne and actress Beryl Reid, now, alas, long departed.

I wonder why Her Majesty has tin elephants in her back garden? Windsor Home Park, mooring is definitely not encouraged.

Seen on a million chocolate boxes, Windsor Castle stands four square, dominating the town and river.
So we crept into the back water by Alexandra Gardens and moored in the shadow of

a Hawker Hurricane, the fighter that during the Battle of Britain shot down more enemy aircraft than all the other types of aircraft and ground defences put together.

We nipped up into town for milk and bread and I couldn't resist taking a picture of the Old Queen, God bless her.
So we returned to the boat and after showers we needed some more hot water so I started the engine. Dinner was just coming up, salmon with roasted vine tomatoes, broad beans and asparagus, when every alarm on the motor blared out. A rush to the back and, ooer!, steam and hot water everywhere and the temperature gauge off the scale. It was all hands to panic stations, but a 'phone call to RCR and a degree of calm returned.
This morning one of their splendid chaps fronted up and had soon located not only a split hose but also a jubilee clip that was not giving of its best. So peace is restored and our life has returned to its normal tenor.
To celebrate we lunched at a Thai restaurant, surprisingly a nice Rioja goes well with Thai food.
Tomorrow we intend visiting the castle.
Just bear in mind that,"The best laid plans o' mice and men gang oft aglay".
But for now it's Eurovision Song Contest, a night so totally naff it's essential viewing. It gets better after a few glasses of red, honest.

Watch this space............

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nb Chance said...

Glad to see Honeypot cottage as we were talking about this on the way down and wasn't sure if we had got the right one, now we have it confirmed. Have a great day at the Castle... Doug and James