Sunday, 19 May 2013

Last day at Windsor.

As we set off into town this morning we heard the mellow sound of a steam whistle and putting off from French's wharf was the steamer Streatley, another ex Salters boat.

It was clearly on a private charter as many of the passenger were in Edwardian outfits and there was a rather good trad. jazz quartet tootling away.
We made it as far as the castle entrance,

took one look at the stationary queue and decided that, as the castle has been there for a thousand years it would still be there next time we visited Windsor.
As partial compensation there were some classic cars on display down by the Royal Station.

Did they really produce Anglias in bright red?

Compare American and British ideas of luxury motoring in the 1960's.

Nash Advanced 8 Coupe.

Yours for £18,000. All classic Jags should be British Racing Green.

Windsor has a fountain to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee and here it is.
We've enjoyed our couple of days here, even if we did not achieve plan A. Just watching the tourists is an entertainment on its own. Looking at the prices in the shops is even more amusing.
All being well we move on tomorrow.

Watch this space....................

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