Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A final day at Guildford.

I've really been slacking on the blog lately, mostly because, with the gorgeous weather and the snooker on the telly, we have not strayed far from the boat.
But yesterday morning, after slapping another coat of Hammerite on the deck, we went off to have a look at Guildford Castle.

The old keep stands atop its motte as it has done for nine hundred years. Sadly decayed now, it stands in grounds superbly kept by the local council.

Tulip time in Guildford.
For £1.50 (Children and concessions) you can explore the interior, now just an empty shell but to a graffitologist, (I just made that word up, no idea if there is a word for people with an interest in scratched walls), it is a treasure house.

During the 14th and 15thC. It was used as a prison and, as is the way with prisoners, they carved their memorials into the structure. Unfortunately, although for obvious reasons, you can't get close so these are the best I could do.

From high on the walls you can look across the valley of the Wey and see what is probably the ugliest ecclesiastical building in Britain, if not the world, Guildford Cathedral..
On the way back to the boat we found this delightful gem,

Obviously painted by a man who loves his job.

To make my day complete the egret came within camera range and the snooker final was one of the best for years, even if the wrong man won, we were cheering for Barry Hawkins.

Watch this space........

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