Monday, 13 May 2013

Back on Armadillo, feeling weary and part worn.

Just returned from our celebratory weekend in Portsmouth. Not only was last Friday my brother's seventieth birthday but it was also our forty fourth wedding anniversary. So drink was taken and much food consumed. I did take the camera but really it didn't get a lot of use.

Porchester Castle taken from Port Solent Marina.

And not a narrowboat in sight.

You should always have an anchor if you intend going onto a river.

Moored outside the Sir Alec Rose pub is Lively Lady, the yacht in which Sir Alec, single handed, circumnavigated the world in 1967/68. She is tiny, just about the smallest yacht in the marina.

Esme and Elliot with a Mark VIII torpedo, it's debatable which has the greater destructive power.

Watch this space............

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Sue said...

Ah Portchester.. I was Christened in the church next door.

My first four years were spent living in a bungalow in Portchester.. Happy times.. Yes I remember