Sunday, 27 May 2012

After Stone.

I feel a bit guilty, we've spent a couple of days in Stone and not a single picture or mention of that splendid town. To be honest all we did was restock after the depredations of the family but that is no excuse. I didn't even get down to The Swan for a pint of Joules! So this morning, when we watered before moving on, I nipped up to Star Lock and took a quick photo' of The Star,

now it's just another chain pub but it is one of the sights of the Trent and Mersey and it has what is still my favourite sign of all time.

So don't fall in once the pub has shut, if you do you're on your own.
We've only moved as far as bridge 84 where we intend spending a couple of days.

Just after we tied up Elizabeth went past, a conversion from a working boat that pre-dates Rolt's Cressy by several years.

One of our neighbours, a green plover, lapwing, peewit or, in Linclonshire, a pye-wipe. Take your pick.

Watch this space........

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Yvonne said...

Hi Graham,
Elizabeth was at the BCN Summer Rally at Titford last weekend. It's a beautiful boat, I'd have loved a look inside but every time we went past there was no-one home.