Sunday, 13 May 2012

Heading back down the Macc.

Two lift and two swing bridges between Bugsworth and Marple,

here's Jill working one of each, she's hiding behind an upright on the swing bridge, eighty five twirls of the windlass to open the lift bridge, she can crush beer cans just using her biceps.
Once on the Macc. we moored overnight at bridge 18 and this morning we crept through Macclesfield, fearing to arouse the ire of Mr Angry if we dared stop for water. We have stopped at Gurnett Aqueduct where, for a change, there is space on the moorings.

Just through the aqueduct, on the left is where, between 1733 and 1740, James Brindley served his apprenticeship.

I don't think that's his car though. There is a plaque on the front of what is now a domestic garage,

so this is where it all started.
On some of the stones of the aqueduct you can clearly see the masons marks.

As the masons finished shaping the stones they carved their own mark into each one so they could be correctly credited for the work they had done and get the proper payment. Two hundred years later their signatures are still clearly visible, we just don't know the names that go with the marks.
Tomorrow it's back down Bosley Locks.

Watch this space.............

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