Friday, 18 May 2012

Through Harecastle Hill and then Stoke.

Just a quick note today:

Where the Macclesfield meets the Trent and Mersey, two lock cottages side by side, the nearest one stone and the other brick, a contrast in styles.

The two Harecastle tunnels, Telfords of 1827 on the left and Brindleys original of 1777 on the right. Note the wonderful colour of the water caused by the iron leached out of the hill.

When you get to this section of the tunnel you duck, it's a tad tight.

My favourite view, looking back once you're out. No sight of the boggart and not a whiff of frying bacon, as usual we had been ignored by the tunnels supernatural denizens.

Jones and Shufflebottom Ltd., I just love the name, what pictures it conjures up.

Some of the Stoke locks act as quite efficient boat washes.

Finally, moored near Barlaston we were schmoozed by the first cygnets we have seen this year, they were out of luck, we had no stale bread.
Stone tomorrow?

Watch this space............

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